How to Use Google Sheets – Beginner’s Guide

How to Use Google Sheets – Beginner’s Guide

Google Sheets is free-to-use spreadsheet software that anyone can use.

You don’t need to download anything in order to use Google Sheets. You can access everything from Google Drive online.

All you need is a Google account. You can create one at This is the same place where you can make your first Google sheet.

You can now press the plus sign and choose Google Sheets. Now, you should name your sheet, so you can easily find it.

To keep things organized, create a folder inside of Google Drive by pressing the folder icon and moving your new Google Sheets document to that folder.

Google Sheets and all Google Drive products keep things saved automatically. So you don’t have to worry about saving.

You can add multiple sheets to the same Google Sheets document from the bottom of the page.

In this video, we will cover the following:

Overview of columns and rows and cells.

Sizings rows and columns.

Moving around rows and columns (tabs move you right row, enter moves you down on the column.

Text formatting and

changing cell colors

Merging Cells

Copying/interesting/Deleting columns rows and cells

Sorting Data

Using formulas

Sharing/collaborating on Google Sheets

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How to Use Google Sheets – Beginner’s Guide

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