Google Sheets – Use Apps Script to Create Google Calendar Events Automatically

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UPDATE: I made another video showing how to create All Day Events and also how to add some more options like descriptions to the invites. Check that out here after you watch this one:

How to add events to a Google Calendar and email guests all from a Google Sheet using Apps Script and a button.

🎈Demo Sheet (make copy by selecting File – make a copy):

CalendarApp Class:

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⌚Chapter Time Markers:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:42 – I’m Eamonn. You’re awesome
00:00:54 – Time in Google Sheets
00:01:07 – Dropdown Times
00:03:08 – Combine Date and Time
00:04:17 – Create a Calendar
00:04:44 – Apps Script
00:06:19 – For Each Loop
00:08:30 – Run Function with Button
00:09:44 – Optimize Columns

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