Google Sheets Full Course Tutorial (2+ Hours)

Google Sheets Full Course Tutorial (2+ Hours)
2023 Update

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Exercise Files:

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to gather, format, and interpret data in a spreadsheet.

What it is: Google Sheets is Google’s free, web-based spreadsheet application that mirrors the magic of Microsoft Excel, with some standout features and key differences as well.

What you’ll learn: First, students will be shown how to navigate the app. Then, they’ll learn the basics like creating and sharing spreadsheets. Next, they’ll learn how to calculate data with functions and formulas, as well as how to filter and sort all their data. Finally, users will get some hands-on time with popular features like Pivot Tables, AutoFill, VLOOKUP, Macros, real-time collaboration, and more.

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Start 0:00
Introduction 0:09
Accessing Google Sheets 0:52
Navigating in Cells and Menus 3:41
Keyboard Shortcuts 6:08
Editing Cell Contents 8:48
Templates 11:21
Using Explore 13:43
Opening and Saving Sheets 16:58
Using Google Drive with Google Sheets 19:38
Showing and Using the Formula Bar and Gridlines 22:11
Basic Formulas 24:10
Using Autofill to Copy Formulas 27:19
Using Autofill to Create Redundant Data 28:59
Simple Formulas 31:11
Formulas with Absolute References 34:27
Cut, Copy, and Paste 39:21
Inserting Rows and Columns 42:15
Wrapping Text, Rotating, and Aligning Cells 45:00
Cell Formatting 47:48
Hiding Rows and Columns 50:49
Freeze Panes and Full Screen View 54:47
Spell Check and Printing 56:54
Sharing and Emailing Sheets 1:00:07
Publishing to Web 1:02:53
Conclusion 1:04:46
Introduction 1:06:21
List, Format, and Sort 1:06:59
Multi-Column Sort 1:09:26
Filters 1:11:34
Conditional Filters and Filtered Views 1:14:31
Creating Charts 1:18:10
Editing Charts 1:21:01
Removing and Deleting Chart Data 1:24:17
Sparklines 1:26:42
Formatting with Alternating Row Colors 1:29:21
Pivot Tables 1:30:35
Pivot Charts 1:34:48
Named Ranges 1:37:28
IF Functions 1:42:18
Nested Functions 1:45:22
VLOOKUP 1:48:27
SUMIFS 1:55:55
IFERROR 2:01:02
LEFT and RIGHT 2:03:25
Sharing Files 2:08:06
Real-Time Authoring 2:09:50
Google Sheets Add-Ons 2:11:49
Introduction to Google Apps Scripts 2:13:44
Conclusion 2:16:02

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