Google Sheets BEATS Excel with THESE 10 Features!

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This video is perfect for those curious about Google Sheets, especially Excel users looking to explore alternative spreadsheet programs. The creator, an avid Excel user, dives into Google Sheets by switching most of their work from Excel to Sheets for a few months. The result is an insightful head-to-head comparison, highlighting areas where Google Sheets outshines Excel.

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Key Google Sheets Features Covered:
▪️ Searchable Dropdown Lists: An intuitive feature where dropdown lists in Google Sheets are automatically searchable, making data selection more efficient.
▪️ The SPLIT Function: A dynamic function that effortlessly splits text into multiple columns without needing complex formulas.
▪️ Automatic Refresh for Pivot Tables: Pivot tables in Google Sheets update instantly with any change in source data.
▪️ IMPORTXML and IMPORTHTML Functions: Powerful tools for importing data from websites, including non-table data.
▪️ Lookup on Images: Unique capability of Google Sheets to perform lookups on images within cells.
▪️ Search and Replace with REGEX: Advanced searching and replacing text patterns using regular expressions.
▪️ Insert QR-Codes with IMAGE Function: Easily generate QR codes within a spreadsheet.
▪️ Translate with a Function (GOOGLETRANSLATE): Built-in translation feature to create multilingual spreadsheets.
▪️ Chat Inside Your Spreadsheet: Collaborate efficiently with integrated chat and comment features.
▪️ The All-Powerful QUERY Function: A single formula in Google Sheets can be used for complex data analysis, similar to SQL queries.
▪️ Additional Features Like GOOGLEFINANCE and SPARKLINE: Flexibility in retrieving stock information and creating sparklines directly using functions.

Excel has been around for decades and has been largely considered the King of all spreadsheet applications. When Google Sheets first launched in 2006, it was nowhere near dethroning Excel.

00:00 Amazing Features Only Available in Google Sheets
01:22 Searchable Drop-Down Lists in Google Sheets
02:58 The SPLIT Function
04:08 Automatic Refresh for Pivot Tables
05:08 IMPORTXML and IMPORTHTML to Import Data from Websites
06:38 Lookup on Images in Sheets
07:42 Search and Replace with REGEX
08:51 Insert QR-Codes with IMAGE Function in Sheets
09:54 Translate with a Function (GOOGLETRANSLATE)
11:04 Chat Inside Your Spreadsheet
11:46 The All-Powerful QUERY Function
13:36 The GOOGLEFINANCE and SPARKLINE Function in Sheets

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