Beginners Google Sheets Tutorial – Lesson 1

Welcome to the first lesson in our series of Google Sheets tutorials for beginners! In this video, we’ll cover the basics of using Google Sheets to create and edit spreadsheets.

We’ll start by showing you how to create a new spreadsheet, including how to choose a template and customize the layout to suit your needs. Then, we’ll walk you through entering and editing data in your spreadsheet, including how to format your cells and use basic formulas and functions to perform calculations.

Next, we’ll cover some more advanced features, such as conditional formatting and sorting, that can help you analyze your data more effectively. We’ll also show you how to collaborate with others on your spreadsheet, whether you’re working with a team or sharing data with a client.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a solid understanding of the basics of using Google Sheets. In future lessons, we’ll dive deeper into more advanced features, such as pivot tables and macros, to help you take your spreadsheet skills to the next level.

So if you’re new to Google Sheets and want to learn how to use it to organize your data and stay productive, this is the perfect place to start. Join us for Lesson 1, and let’s get started!

Make of copy of the practice material:

Google Sheets for Beginners Lesson 2:
Learn more about Formulas and Functions:
How to use Google Drive: Creating basic formulas in Google Sheets

0:00 Introduction to Google Sheets
1:25 Opening and navigating your Google Sheets
4:30 Creating a new blank spreadsheet in Google Sheets
6:19 Google Sheet layout
7:07 Rows, columns, ranges, and sheets in Google Sheets
10:28 Adding some data to your spreadsheet
12:40 Creating and formatting column widths and row height
15:21 How to format your sheet in Google Sheets
20:13 Adding borders and colors
21:29 Formatting for currency and decimal places in Google Sheets
22:30 Creating basic formulas in Google Sheets
30:23 Freeze rows or columns in Google Sheets
31:58 Basic Google Sheet functions
35:28 How to add a chart in Google Sheets
38:53 How to print your spreadsheet in Google Sheets
40:55 Download your spreadsheet as a PDF or Excel file
41:35 Sharing your spreadsheet with other

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