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Want to know how you can use Google Sheets and Google Apps Script to maximise efficiency and productivity? Sumit Shukla, DSML Educator brings you a one-stop guide to use Google Apps Script on Google Sheets to automate tasks and use of Macros. Check out free masterclasses by industry-leading experts:

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What is Google Sheets?
Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet application offered by Google. It provides a collaborative platform for creating, editing, and sharing spreadsheets online. With features like formulas, data analysis tools, and real-time collaboration, it is widely used for data management, analysis and task automation.

What are Macros in Google Sheet?
Macros in Google Sheets are automated sequences of actions that can be recorded and played back to perform repetitive tasks. They allow users to automate operations like formatting, data manipulation, and custom calculations, enhancing productivity and efficiency in spreadsheet workflows.

What is app script?
Apps Script is a scripting platform provided by Google that allows users to automate and extend the functionality of various Google products, including Google Sheets, Docs, and Gmail. It enables the creation of custom scripts and applications to automate tasks and enhance productivity within Google’s ecosystem.

What is Excel?
Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software developed by Microsoft. It allows users to organise and analyse data using formulas, functions, and visual representations such as charts and graphs. It is widely used for data management, financial calculations, and reporting.

What is Data Science?
Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that involves the use of statistical, computational, and machine learning techniques to extract insights and knowledge from large and complex data sets. It encompasses various stages of data analysis, including data collection, cleaning, processing, modelling, and visualisation.

What is Machine Learning?
Machine Learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on developing algorithms and models that enable computers to learn from data without being explicitly programmed. It involves the use of statistical and mathematical techniques to enable machines to improve their performance on a specific task through experience.

Topics covered:
0:00 – Introduction and Agenda
0:57 – Understanding the Google Apps Script platform
4:07 – Creating a Custom Function
6:25 – Basic Operators
13:20 – How to check type of a Variable?
26:57 – Arrays in Google Apps Script
29:16 – Loops in Google Apps Script
33:15 – Example App
41:28 – How to get value from a Nested Array?
54:13 – Example App 2 – How to create Summary Metric?

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