10 Google Sheets Tips You DON’T Want to Miss (2022)

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Dive into this tutorial showcasing the most useful tips and tricks for Google Sheets. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll discover a wealth of functions and features that can transform your data handling experience in Google Sheets.

🔑 Highlights of the Video:
▪️ Scrolling Tables: Learn how to create neat, scrolling tables for better data presentation.
▪️ Auto Aggregate Chart Values: Find out how to aggregate data by categories for clearer chart visualization.
▪️ Publish to the Web: Discover how to turn your Google Sheets into a web page or embed them in your website.
▪️ Column Stats: Quickly get an overview of your data with the column stats feature.
▪️ Open-Ended Cell References: Make your formulas dynamic and adaptable to future data additions.
▪️ Insert Date From a Calendar: Learn how to insert dates efficiently using a built-in calendar.
▪️ Checkboxes for Tracking: Understand how to add and utilize checkboxes in your sheets.
▪️ Pivot Tables for Quick Analysis: Get insights on how to use pivot tables for summarizing data effectively.
▪️ Web Functions: Explore powerful web functions like IMPORTHTML for pulling online data directly into your sheet.
▪️ Functions to Organize and Filter Data: Utilize functions like UNIQUE and FILTER for efficient data organization.

00:00 Most Useful Tips for Google Sheets
00:26 Scrolling Tables in Google Sheets
01:56 Aggregate Chart Values in Google Sheets
03:08 Publish to the Web with Google Sheets
04:25 Column Stats in Google Sheets
05:10 Open-Ended Cell References in Google Sheets
06:05 Insert Date From a Calendar in Google Sheets
06:50 Insert Checkboxes in Google Sheets
08:31 Pivot Tables in Google Sheets
10:08 How to Use IMPORTHTML in Google Sheets
11:33 Filter Functions in Google Sheets
13:29 Wrap Up

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