Master Excel with These Essential Keyboard Shortcuts: Boost Your Productivity Today (P2)!

6. Workbook and Worksheet Management

  • Switch Between Workbooks (Ctrl + Tab): Easily toggle between open workbooks.
  • New Worksheet (Shift + F11): Quickly create a new worksheet.
  • Close Workbook (Ctrl + F4): Close the current workbook without closing Excel.
  • Move Between Worksheets (Ctrl + Page Up/Page Down): Navigate through worksheets in a workbook.

7. Formula and Function Keys

  • Insert Function (Shift + F3): Open the Insert Function dialog box for easy function insertion.
  • AutoSum (Alt + ‘=’): Quickly sum a range of cells.
  • Formula View (Ctrl + `): Toggle the display of formulas in cells.

8. Data Management

  • Sort A to Z (Alt + H, S, A): Sort selected data in ascending order.
  • Sort Z to A (Alt + H, S, D): Sort selected data in descending order.
  • Filter (Ctrl + Shift + L): Apply or remove filters in a data range.
  • Group Data (Alt + Shift + Right Arrow): Group selected data for analysis.
  • Ungroup Data (Alt + Shift + Left Arrow): Ungroup previously grouped data.

9. PivotTable and PivotChart

  • Create PivotTable (Alt + N, V): Initiate the creation of a new PivotTable.
  • Refresh PivotTable (Alt + F5): Refresh the data in the active PivotTable.
  • Create PivotChart (Alt + F1): Create a PivotChart from the selected data.

10. Selection and Navigation

  • Select Entire Row (Shift + Space): Select the entire row of the active cell.
  • Select Entire Column (Ctrl + Space): Select the entire column of the active cell.
  • Go to a Specific Cell (Ctrl + G or F5): Jump to a specific cell or range in the workbook.

11. Review and Comments

  • Spell Check (F7): Check the spelling in the active worksheet.
  • Insert Comment (Shift + F2): Add a comment to the selected cell.
  • Show/Hide Comments (Shift + F10, then R): Toggle the display of comments in the worksheet.

12. Advanced Features

  • Macro Recording (Alt + T, M, R): Start or stop recording a macro.
  • Visual Basic Editor (Alt + F11): Open the Visual Basic Editor for advanced programming.
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