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What is Excel?
Excel is a spreadsheet program from Microsoft and a component of its Office product group for business applications. Microsoft Excel enables users to format, organize and calculate data in a spreadsheet.

By organizing data using software like Excel, data analysts and other users can make information easier to view as data is added or changed. Excel contains a large number of boxes called cells that are ordered in rows and columns. Data is placed in these cells.

Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office and Office 365 suites and is compatible with other applications in the Office suite. The spreadsheet software is available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS platforms.
se Microsoft Excel for the following:

collection and verification of business data;
business analysis;
data entry and storage;
data analysis;
performance reporting;
strategic analysis;
accounting and budgeting;
administrative and managerial management;
account management;
project management; and
office administration.
Excel terminology and components
Excel has its own terminology for its components, which new users may not immediately find understandable. Some of these terms and components include the following:

Cell. A user enters data into a cell, which is the intersection of a column and row.
Cell reference. This is the set of coordinates where a cell is located. Rows are horizontal and numbered whereas columns are vertical and assigned a letter.
Active cell. This is the currently selected cell, outlined by a green box.
Workbook. This is an Excel file that contains one or more worksheets.
Worksheet. These are the different documents nested within a Workbook.
Worksheet tab. These are the tabs at the bottom left of the spreadsheet.
Column and row headings. These are the numbered and lettered cells located just outside of the columns and rows. Selecting a header highlights the entire row or column.
Formula. Formulas are mathematical equations, cell references or functions that can be placed inside a cell to produce a value. Formulas must start with an equal “=” sign.
Formula bar. This is the long input bar that is used to enter values or formulas in cells. It is located at the top of the worksheet, next to the “fx” label.
Address bar. This bar located to the left of the formula bar shows the number and letter coordinates of an active cell.
Filter. These are rules a user can employ to select what rows in a worksheet to display. This option is located on the top right of the home bar under “Sort & Filter.” An auto filter option can be selected to show rows that match specific values.
AutoFill. This feature enables users to copy data to more than one cell automatically. With two or more cells in a series, a user can select both cells and drag the bottom right corner down to autofill the rest of the cells.
AutoSum. This feature enables users to add multiple values. Users can select the cells they want to add and press the Alt and Equal keys. There is also a button to enable this feature on the top right of the home page, above “Fill” and to the left of “Sort & Filter.”
PivotTable. This data summarization tool sorts and calculates data automatically. This is located under the insert tab on the far left.
PivotChart. This chart acts as a visual aid to the PivotTable, providing graph representations of the data. It is located under the middle of the insert page, next to maps.
Source data. This is the information that is used to create a PivotTable.


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