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This Excel Tutorial full course will help you get started with Excel and explore the features it offers. You will take a tour to understand Excel basics and look at how to write functions, sort, and filter data, how to import data and split data into multiple columns, learn about sumif and countif functions, and many more functions and formulas available in Microsoft Excel.

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00:01:18 Introduction to MS Excel
00:04:47 Excel Basics
00:21:41 Lock Cells in Excel
00:27:09 Page Setup in Excel
00:45:13 What if Analysis
00:49:34 Charts in Excel
01:07:50 Data Validation in Excel
01:34:20 Lookup Functions in Excel
02:14:20 Slicers in Excel
02:18:42 Excel Budget Template
02:25:35 MIS Report in Excel
02:35:43 Excel Macros
02:47:09 Excel VBA
03:37:56 Regression in Excel
04:04:32 Excel Power Query
05:29:50 Excel Interview Questions

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What is Microsoft Excel?
Excel is one of the best applications available on the market for creating spreadsheets to crunch numbers and dashboard reports as well as storing and administering data. This software first appeared on the scene back in 1987, and since then it has grown to become one of the most popular pieces of software for home or business.

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This Data Analytics Program is ideal for all working professionals and prior programming knowledge is not required. It covers topics like data analysis, data visualization, regression techniques, and supervised learning in-depth via our applied learning model with live sessions by leading practitioners and industry projects.

✅ Key Features
– Post Graduate Program certificate and Alumni Association membership
– Exclusive hackathons and Ask me Anything sessions by IBM
– 8X higher live interaction in live online classes by industry experts
– Capstone from 3 domains and 14+ Data Analytics Projects with Industry datasets from Google PlayStore, Lyft, World Bank etc.
– Master Classes delivered by Purdue faculty and IBM experts
– Simplilearn’s JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
– Resume preparation and LinkedIn profile building
– 1:1 mock interview
– Career accelerator webinars

✅ Skills Covered
– Data Analytics
– Statistical Analysis using Excel
– Data Analysis Python and R
– Data Visualization Tableau and Power BI
– Linear and logistic regression modules
– Clustering using kmeans
– Supervised Learning

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