Learn Excel VBA to Automate Anything

Learn Excel VBA essentials in 15 minutes to automate excel tasks.
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In this video, you’ll learn VBA essentials in just 15 minutes. First, you’ll learn to set up the visual basic editor using the developer tab, and insert a new module to start coding. As a first scenario, we’ll create a custom function to calculate discount percentages if a certain condition is true. Second, we’ll create a sub procedure to clear the contents from a dataset in one click. We’ll also add a message box and a button to confirm we want to clear the data. Finally, we’ll learn to automate how to send an email from Excel containing a subject, a body, and the Excel file attached. Overall, learning VBA will boost your office productivity as you’ll be able to autoamte any repetitive task.

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0:00​ -​ Excel VBA Introduction
1:50​ – Building Custom Functions
4:40​ – Automating Clearing Data
6:46​ – Creating Message Box & Button
10:53​ – Sending an email from Excel in 1 click

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