How to Subtract in Excel | Excel Minus Formula [Beginners Tutorial / Easy Excel formulas]

In this video, we’ll teach you how to subtract in Excel by using a formula.

Let’s suppose a company only sells two products. Over here, we have the data for total units sold and how many times Product A was sold for each month. If we want to find out the total units sold for product B, we can simply minus Product A with total Units sold for each month.

For that, we will select the cell where we want the result to appear and start typing the formula.

All formulas in excel start with an “equals to” sign, so let’s enter that here. Now, the easiest way to go about is just enter the numbers in the formula. So for example, I can simply write in the formula “Seven Hundred Minus Five Hundred”. For the Minus Sign, you can use the “minus” key on the numeric keypad section of your keyboard. Alternatively, you can use the hyphen key on the keyboard as well. Once you hit enter, it’ll give you the correct answer. The problem is, if we change the data in this cell, then the numbers for Product B won’t be automatically updated.

A simpler way would be to select the cell reference in the formula. That way, we can copy and paste the formula for the remaining months as well. So, after the “equals to” sign, let’s select the cell from “Total Units Sold”, enter the minus sign and now let’s select the cell from Product A. Once you hit enter, you can see that it has deducted Product A from the Total Units Sold for the month of February.

Now if you change the numbers, the result will automatically update.

What if the data was presented in a different manner? For example, if the cells contained a negative number. Here, we can simply use the SUM function that will add all the numbers in the range and subtract any value that is a negative number.

So, over here, let’s enter the equal to sign followed by SUM and open bracket. Now, we would be required to select the range. So let’s select both the cells for Total Units Sold and Product A. Once we hit enter, you can see here that excel has deducted the values in Product A from Total Units sold.

That’s all!

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