How to get MS Excel for FREE? | Part 1 of 3 | Complete MS Excel Tutorial 2023

Data is the new oil. Everybody has been saying it for quite some time now. But what do people do with data? They clean it, analyse it, look at it through different angles and make important life decisions. Both professional and personal.

And one tool that is everybody’s favourite when it comes to playing with data is.. MS Excel.
Which is why we have created this 3 video course:

1. In this first video (which is this one!), I am going to show you how you can access MS Excel for free, which will be particularly useful while you are learning it.
2. The second video is a Complete MS Excel Tutorial for Beginners. I have also created a practice excel workbook for you, that you can download and practise those features along with me while watching the video. Because there is no better way to learn than through practice. (Link to download this Complete Tutorial Practice Sheet is in the description of Video 2)
3. And in the third video, we are going to cover 10 most commonly asked MS Excel Interview Questions along with their answers. (Link to download this Interview practice sheet is in the description of Video 3)

So it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or someone looking to brush up their basics right before an interview, I promise, by the end of these 3 videos you’ll excel at your excel skills.

Let’s start learning! 🙂
0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Why you need to learn MS Excel?
1:40 – Get MS Excel for FREE


Topics covered in Video 2 (i.e Complete MS Excel Tutorial for Beginners):

1. Basics of a Workbook 
2. What are Flash-Fill and Auto-Fill
3. What is a ribbon?
4. The Home tab features .. including find and replace.
5. View tab features… Split and Freeze Pane 
6. What are Functions and Formulas?
7. What is Absolute and Relative Referencing
8. Logical Functions
9. Text Functions
10. LookUp function
11. Tables and Charts
12. Pivot Tables
13. And last but not the least, how to handle the most commonly encountered errors in MS Excel

Don’t forget to comment and tell me what job role you are learning Excel for. It will help me decide what career videos to make next for you.


1) Get MS Excel for FREE (Video 1):
2) Complete MS Excel Tutorial for Beginners (Video 2):
3) Most Commonly asked MS Excel Interview Questions and Answers (Video 3):

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