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Welcome to the beginner-friendly guide to Microsoft Excel. This tutorial offers a concise, step-by-step introduction to Excel, ensuring a comfortable start for beginners. Whether you’re new to spreadsheets or need a refresher, this tutorial covers the essentials, from opening a new workbook to basic data entry and formatting.

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This basic tutorial is for all versions of Excel (Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019 and Excel for Office 365).

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✨ Key Highlights:
▪️ Understanding Excel Interface: Get a walkthrough of the Excel opening screen, learning about workbooks, sheets, and basic navigation.
▪️ Cell Basics: Learn how each box is a cell with its unique address, and how to input and edit data in cells.
▪️ Navigating and Selecting Cells: Discover how to jump to specific cells, select multiple cells, rows, or columns, and use shortcuts for efficiency.
▪️ Organizing Data with Sheets: Find out how to add, rename, and organize multiple sheets within a workbook for structured data management.
▪️ Basic Formatting Tips: Learn to adjust cell sizes, merge cells, and apply basic formatting like text alignment and color.
▪️ Using Formulas and Functions: Understand the basics of entering formulas, using functions like SUM, and the magic of the fill handle for quick calculations.

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00:00 Learn the Basics of Microsoft Excel
00:27 Anatomy of a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel
01:20 What is a Cell in Microsoft Excel
03:50 What is a Range in Microsoft Excel
04:41 Excel Cursor and Mouse Pointer Shapes
05:48 How to Change Size of Rows and Columns in Excel
07:26 How to Use the Ribbon in Microsoft Excel
09:25 How to Enter Data in Microsoft Excel
11:47 How to Format Data in Microsoft Excel

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