Excel 2021 Beginner Tutorial

Excel 2021 Beginner Tutorial

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Who it’s for: Beginners – experienced, everyday users looking to sharpen their skills and increase efficiency in Microsoft Excel.

What it is: Microsoft’s spreadsheet application used to clean and organize data.

What you’ll learn: We start with the basics, showing you the user interface and quick ways to navigate. Once you’re comfortable with the software’s layout, we quickly move on to calculating data with basic formulas and functions. In the Intermediate section, we show you the various tools and ways to sort and filter data in a timely manner. Then, we dive into one of Excel’s most popular features; the Pivot Table. Our Advanced training starts with basic functions like the IF function. After that, we explore complex Database functions, provide an introduction to Macros, and show you how to save time by automating common Excel tasks.

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Start 0:00
Introduction 0:03
Start Screen 2:35
Excel Interface 7:03
Zooming, Navigating, and Shortcuts 13:31
Performing Excel Calculations 28:19
Simple Excel Functions 36:53
ABS, REF, and AutoFill Functions 42:25
Checking Compatibility 47:51
Inserting, Moving, and Cutting 49:29
Cell Styles 54:30
Themes 59:41
Showing and Hiding Worksheets 1:03:16
Grouping Worksheets 1:06:19
Freeze Panes 1:08:45
Custom Views 1:14:15
Saving Templates 1:16:09
Spell Check 1:18:36
Print Preview 1:20:09
Conclusion 1:23:17

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