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Common Excel Interview Questions are as follows:

1. What are the limitations of Vlookup? – 2:15
2. How to identify Duplicates in a dataset? – 3:25
3. How to delete Duplicates? – 4:09
4. What is the usage of Pivot Tables? – 4:25
5. What is the usage of Calculated Fields and Show value as? – 5:00
6. What are Text Functions? Can they be used on Numbers? – 6:46
8. Why do we need Charts? – 9:33
9. When to choose Donut chart over Pie chart? – 10:15
10.Why do we need Scatter Charts? – 11:40
11.How can we make Pivots dynamic? – 13:34
12.How and when do we use Advanced Filter? – 15:08
13.How to replace blank cells with some value? – 18:10
14.Which chart to prefer when we have a timeline associated with the data? – 19:24
15.When do we use Bubble charts? – 20:15
16.How to split data into multiple columns and vice versa? – 22:04
17.How to create a Dashboard? – 23:14

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