10 Advanced Excel Formula Examples | FREE Excel Course

In this video, I will show you some advanced Excel formula examples that involve using one or more than functions.

There a lot of awesome stuff you can do with a combination of these advanced formulas in Excel.

While a lot of things can be managed with in-built Excel functions, sometimes you need to use a combination of these formulas to get the work done.

This video covers 10 such examples where you can use advanced excel formulas (including a combination of in-built Excel functions) to achieve the desired result.

I cover the following advanced formula examples this video:

— Compare Lists, Get Unique List
— Get the Closest Match
— Get Last Value in the List
— Find the Last Occurrence of an Item in a List
— 2 Way and 3 Way Lookup using Index/Match
— Count the Number of Words
— Extract Username from Email Id
— Find the First Monday of the Month
— Extract Data using Drop Down List

Again, the combination of formulas you need to use will depend on what you want to achieve, but these advance excel formula examples will give you a lot of ideas on how you can mix and match formulas and use the result from one formula as an input for another formula. It also covers array formulas, where you need to use Control + Shift + Enter instead of a simple Enter.

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