How to Make a Bar Graph in Excel

In this video tutorial, you’ll see how to create a simple bar graph in Excel. Using a graph is a great way to present your data in an effective, visual way. Excel offers many different chart types and choosing just the right kind of graph can make your data presentation clear and engaging. In the previous tutorials, we learned how to make a line graph and also pie graph. In this tutorial, we’ll take some time to explore the bar graph, specifically, how to use it to present monthly sales, which you can see right here in this table. Watch this Excel video tutorial to learn how to make a bar chart in Excel.

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How to Make a Graph In Excel


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0:00 How to Make a Bar Graph in Excel
1:20 How to Adjust the Position of the Graph Within the Excel Spreadsheet
1:33 How to Adjust the Size of Graph in Excel
1:46 How to Add the Graph Title in Excel
2:00 How to Change Colour and Design of the Graph


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