Excel Pivot Table EXPLAINED in 10 Minutes (Productivity tips included!)

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Discover how to create a pivot table in Excel. Ideal for anyone looking to quickly analyze data, create reports, or gain insights without complex formulas. Pivot Tables make data analysis accessible and efficient.

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Learn hidden productivity tips when working with Excel Pivot Tables. At first Pivot Tables might seem like a complex tool but they are one of Excel’s EASIEST features to work with. They help you summarize data really FAST.

What You’ll Learn:
▪️ Setting Up Data for Pivot Tables: Learn how to prepare your data for Pivot Tables, including organizing it in a tabular format and converting it into an official Excel table.
▪️ Creating Pivot Tables: Understand the basics of inserting Pivot Tables, including using the ‘Recommended PivotTables’ feature for a quick start.
▪️ Customizing Pivot Tables: Dive into sorting values, changing number formats, adding filters, and adjusting the design and layout of your Pivot Tables.
▪️ Advanced Pivot Table Features: Explore how to show values as percentages of grand totals, connect slicers to multiple Pivot Tables, and ensure automatic updates with new data.

We’ll also cover how to add Pivot Slicers to get a professional visual to apply filters to our Pivot Table.

00:00 How to Create Pivot Table in Excel?
01:35 Convert Data to Excel Tables
02:46 Create Pivot Table
04:08 Change aggregation in Pivot Table to average or count
04:40 Adjust number format in Pivot Table
05:10 Add filter to Pivot Table
05:28 Add column fields to Pivot Table
05:50 Removing Grand Totals and Sub Totals in Pivot Table
06:27 Update Pivot Table layout and design
07:14 How to bring back Pivot Table Fields dialog box
07:42 Update Pivot Table column header without errors (pivot table field name not valid)
08:33 Sort values in Pivot Table
08:41 Lock column width on Pivot Table refresh
09:00 Add Value as percentage of grand total in Pivot Table
10:22 Add Pivot Table Slicers to Filter Data
11:10 Connect Slicer to multiple Pivot Tables
11:50 Refresh Pivot Tables
12:40 Benefits of Pivot Tables

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